Zaihong Shi



My World

About me

Hello, my name is Zaihong Shi, I am a student and I am now studying IT at NMIT. I am an international student from China. This page is some information about me, some work I have done before. And some contact information. I like to sing, jump, rapper and basketball, but these are not my hobbies. I usually like to read some books when I am at home, because I can get a lot of knowledge in the book. Of course, the time at home will not be fully used to read books. Sometimes I play a game for a while. This makes me feel relaxed. Sometimes I like to watch movies. My favorite movie is About Time. It tells a plain love story. It teaches me to cherish everyone around me, because meeting is a wonderful thing.


The work I've created

The first picture is my first work, a home page, a homepage, I used blue as the main color of the interface, because blue represents sadness, I hope more people can look at our world when they are sad, everything will be ok. The second picture is my second work, which shows one of my favorite games (Monster Hunter), I introduced some related content, and a video link.